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Some of our favorite resources for caring for our bonsai

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dyna-gro bonsai pro fertilizer

Bonsai Pro

Urea Free by DynaGro

bonsai at East TX #1 Bonsai Source

Uncle Bill's Bonsai Pellets

Great general Fertilizer

bonsai at East TX #1 Bonsai Source

Nelson Bougainvillea Fertilizer

Great for maximizing the flowering potential of your plant

bougainvillea fertilizer


Another great fertilizer for bougainvillea bonsai

A healthy and gorgeous tree, which was shipped quickly and securely. The instructions provided are clear, and very much appreciated. The seller was wonderful as well and made sure everything was in order. Thank you very much!!
bonsai at East TX #1 Bonsai Source
I LOVE my forest. I can’t take my eyes off it. The plants came in really good shape and the pot was well anchored to avoid any damages.
bonsai at East TX #1 Bonsai Source
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